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However, the last time they joined in the zodiac sign of Capricorn was years ago. Whether it is recognized or not, current trends are a conclusion of many years, and there is a rebirth underway. The new cycle is to be welcomed, and it is calling everyone, including the entire global community, to a higher level of accountability. Look to your personal life. In what way, where and how have you been called to get real, step up, contribute and participate? In terms of timing, Pluto is going direct at 20 degrees, having first passed over this point in It may be helpful to revisit and consider the disruptions and challenges of last year.

At that time, an in-between limbo opened with the stark realization.

The planets might control the sun's activity - and it's not astrology | New Scientist

From now on, as Saturn and Pluto approach their exact conjunction in , we are entering a moment by moment regeneration phase. A Full Moon on October 13 shines light on these themes within the context of relationship. First, Sun in Libra supports collaboration, cooperation and synergy.

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However, with the Moon in Aries, individuality and self-reliance are amplified. Conversations and decisions can be derailed through projection, blame, and black and white thinking. The chart for this Full Moon shows major implications on the national and world stage. Key alliances can strengthen while others fall away.

Ruling Planets of the Zodiac Signs

After all, Libra represents the diplomatic peacemaker. Adding an interesting twist to this complex dynamic, Mars, the planet of aggression enters Libra on October 4, just as Mercury goes retrograde and Pluto goes direct.

Independent and proactive Mars may be forced to consider other points of view, identify blocks, and bend to teamwork. Remaining in Libra through November 18, the next two months are very important in terms of negotiation on the national and global levels. Of course, there will be those leaders and countries listening to the drumbeat for war, while others look to diplomatic solutions in the effort to avoid all out confrontation. This shows a clear distinction between forces promoting toxicity and corruption, and powers promoting honesty, optimism and sustainability.

The "energy" of the Sun is harnessed by Mercury, whose influence overrules the Sun's qualities and determines the way solar power is expressed. Every zodiac sign has a ruling planet or two, which adds a dimension to its qualities Taurus' and Virgo's modern associations aren't universally accepted or integrated :. These associations, first made by the Greeks, are based on the seasons, not attributes of the zodiac signs. However, they've become a muse in the symbolic language of astrology.

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They are a cosmic archive to use when interpreting a chart. For example, if someone has a constellation of planets in Pisces, look for a Neptune-themed narrative in the person's life story. The pairings were originally made with Saturn at the outer edge. Chiron has been linked to Virgo, a sign of purification and health. Even so, Mercury its classical ruler still looms large for Virgo. More generally, in the particular case of two planets , it means that they merely have the same right ascension and hence the same hour angle.

This is called conjunction in right ascension. However, there is also the term conjunction in ecliptic longitude. At such conjunction both objects have the same ecliptic longitude. Conjunction in right ascension and conjunction in ecliptic longitude do not normally take place at the same time, but in most cases nearly at the same time. However, at triple conjunctions , it is possible that a conjunction only in right ascension or ecliptic length occurs.

Which sign is that planet in right now?

In the vast majority of such cases, one of the planets will appear to pass north or south of the other. However, if two celestial bodies attain the same declination at the time of a conjunction in right ascension or the same ecliptic latitude at a conjunction in ecliptic longitude , the one that is closer to the Earth will pass in front of the other.

In such a case, a syzygy takes place. If one object moves into the shadow of another, the event is an eclipse. For example, if the Moon passes into the shadow of Earth and disappears from view, this event is called a lunar eclipse. If the visible disk of the nearer object is considerably smaller than that of the farther object, the event is called a transit. When Mercury passes in front of the Sun, it is a transit of Mercury , and when Venus passes in front of the Sun, it is a transit of Venus.

When the nearer object appears larger than the farther one, it will completely obscure its smaller companion; this is called an occultation. An example of an occultation is when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, causing the Sun to disappear either entirely or partially. This phenomenon is commonly known as a solar eclipse. Occultations in which the larger body is neither the Sun nor the Moon are very rare.

More frequent, however, is an occultation of a planet by the Moon. Several such events are visible every year from various places on Earth.

What It Means When Your Signs Align With Their Ruling Planets

A conjunction, as a phenomenon of perspective, is an event that involves two astronomical bodies seen by an observer on the Earth. Times and details depend only very slightly on the observer's location on the Earth's surface, with the differences being greatest for conjunctions involving the Moon because of its relative closeness, but even for the Moon the time of a conjunction never differs by more than a few hours.

Vedic Astrology - How Planets Impact people ? (Part 3)

As seen from a planet that is superior , if an inferior planet is on the opposite side of the Sun, it is in superior conjunction with the Sun. An inferior conjunction occurs when the two planets lie in a line on the same side of the Sun. In an inferior conjunction, the superior planet is "in opposition " to the Sun as seen from the inferior planet.

The terms "inferior conjunction" and "superior conjunction" are used in particular for the planets Mercury and Venus , which are inferior planets as seen from the Earth.

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However, this definition can be applied to any pair of planets, as seen from the one farther from the Sun. A planet or asteroid or comet is simply said to be in conjunction, when it is in conjunction with the Sun , as seen from the Earth. The Moon is in conjunction with the Sun at New Moon.