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Photo: pixabay. You probably can't remember the name of the song that was at the top of the charts on your 14th birthday, but this handy tool will search the chart archives and tell you who was number one on your big 14th birthday. To find out the song that was number one on your birthday, simply enter your date of birth below What is your date of birth?

The song that was number one on is Darude - 'Sandstorm'. Post Song To Facebook. Post Song To Twitter. No one quite knows for sure exactly why the 14th birthday is such a big deal, but identifying the tune from this date has become a big trend on social media. Oh, I can't get enough of your woman stuff Oh, I can't get enough of your woman, your woman Your woman, woman stuff! Linda stocked corn and she don't care Linda stocked corn and she don't care Linda stocked corn and she don't care 'Cause she's also got diced tomatoes.

Linda and Bob Belcher - Lindapendent Woman. Linda: Look at me I'm wrangling these carts, on my own Bob: Look at me I'm chopping up this lettuce, all alone Linda: I'm at work and you can hear me sing Both: This is working, this is working. Linda: Look at me I'm sitting in this thing, is it on? La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la Mommy is at work and you can hear me sing.

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Bob: Grind, grind, grind, grind, grind, grind, grind, grind, grind, grind, grind, grind, grind, grind, grind, grind Look at me I've barely even noticed that she's gone Someone threw up In the bathroom sink. Calvin Fischoeder and Gayle - Topsy. Gene: All right! Let's show these people that if it ain't man-on-elephant love, it ain't worth singin' about! Dinkler: clears throat Attention, everyone, we have a very special treat for you.

It's a musical re-imagine-actenment of the very uplifting story of Thomas Edison and Topsy the elephant! Fischoeder: They say Thomas Edison, he's the man to get us Into this century, and that man is me. Both: We might just have found Electric love Electric love Electric love. Electric love Choir: First he wanted to kill her off, now they've found an electric love Electric love First he wanted to kill her off, now they've found an electric love Fits like a glove. Louise: This is what really happened, people! Bob: Uh-oh. HIT IT!!! Teddy: Is that you, Louise? Teddy: I've been down here so long.

My Birthday Hits

What's it like out there? Are people still the same with their funny ways? Teddy: Oh, right, the thing we're doin'. Linda: Oh! Bob: TINA!!! Louise: TINA!!! Gene: Tina? Bob: Oh, thank God! Oh, God! Louise: Oof! Tina: I thought we weren't doing the death scene, but I saw the sparks and went with it. Was I convincing? Bob: Yes. Louise: Oh my God! I almost electrocuted my sister! I've become Edison.

Dinkler: Oh, you wish! So he electrocuted animals, so what?! As if everyone here's so perfect! I coulda sung it. Bob: Louise, is there something you wanna say to your sister? Louise: Tina, I'm really sorry I wanted to kill you.

I got carried away with the Dinkler thing. Which worked out pretty well, but still, I shouldn't have almost killed you. Tina: It's okay. This is how Topsy would've wanted it. But with more trampling people. Louise: And, Gene, I'm sorry to you, too. Your song was really good. Gene: I know. And without a single fart sound. Jimmy Pesto, Jr. T is for the way you take my breath away I is for the way I like it when you take my breath away N is for no one else takes my breath away and A is for Asthma that is a disease that takes people's breath away!

Linda - It Snakes a Village. Gene - It Snakes a Village. I'm not afraid of ghosts I'm not afraid of sharks I'm not afraid of cancer I'm just afraid of snakes They really creep me out Where are their arms and legs? It's not okay! Gene - The Kids Run the Restaurant. Linda - The Kids Run the Restaurant. Oh, he did. Fisch checks in and cashes out What more do you want when kids run the restaurant? Ooh, nice pants. Boyz4Now - Boyz 4 Now. Allen: I'm mining the cave for love Boo Boo: Don't care about the world above Griffin: Down here it's dark and cold Matt: I'm just looking for a nugget of gold.

Griffin: My hat is hard but my heart is soft Matt: It's dusty down here and so I cough All: It's a dirty job but I ain't stoppin' Griffin: I know I'm breathin' toxins but you're lookin' foxin'. Allen: Will you be mine? All: Coal mine Allen: Will you be mine? All: Diamond mine I'll pick you, can our love begin Tell me now before my heart caves in Allen: Will you be mine?

Happy Birthday Wishes Phone Call | Nick Jr. Birthday Club

Autotuned Diamond miiiiiiiinnnne! I wanna hear your secrets, I'm so interested in you What did you have for lunch today? Tell me breakfast, too Which friend are you mad at, girl? What size are your shoes? You just went to the bathroom, number one or number two? I want to know everything, everything 'bout you. I wanna hear your secrets I'm so interested in you Even if it's not a secret Tell me that stuff, too Details, I wanna know details, what's your dad's name?

Details, and your mom's Details, any allergies? Details, how was prom? Interesting, so interesting. I need to show you a secret, it's gonna be a surprise Come a little bit closer, let me whisper in your eyes. Hey, girl, shh, shush. Close your lips and open your eyes. I want your eyes to hear my lips and also my eyes.

I want your lips and your eyes to come together as one so that your eyes can see your lips and that your lips can kiss your eyes and vice versa. And when lip-eyes come together in that type of direction and place, you can see my lips and my lips can see your eyes and Pretty much that's what's gonna happen between the two of us, and then your lip-eyes will see the sun come up and we'll love the sun in the mornin' together.

And then one day, our lip-eyes will see Even though that it's dark, you'll still be able to see the Matt, Griffin, Allen: Gettin' into your booster seat From your big boy head to your big boy feet Gettin' into your booster seat From your big boy head to your big boy feet. Linda , boys, girls - Carpe Museum. Bob: You do realize you almost made Rudy die. Louise: Almost dyin' is the best part of livin'. It's called "almost lived dyin'". Bob: Huh.

So when you run the restaurant, will you call it Louise's Burgers? Louise: I 'unno. Linda: Boom, chaka, boom, chaka, boom, boom, boom Boys and Girls: Boom, chaka, boom, chaka, boom, boom, boom Linda: Weeda, weeda, weina, weina, weina, wang Boys and Girls: Weeda, weeda, weina, weina, weina, wang Linda: Boys are from Mars, Girls are from Venus, I've got a yum-yum, you've got a penis Boys: Boys are from Mars Girls: Girls are from Venus Boys and Girls: I've got a yum-yum, you've got a penis Linda: Boom, chaka, boom, chaka, wang Boys and Girls: Boom, chaka, boom, chaka, wang Linda: Weeda, weeda, weina, boom, boom, boom Boys and Girls: Weeda, weeda, weina, boom, boom, boom Linda: Chaka, weina, wang, weina, chaka, weina Boys and Girls: Chaka, weina, wang, weina, chaka, weina Linda: Boom, chaka, wang, weina, boom, boom Boys and Girls: Boom, chaka, wang, weina, boom, boom Linda: Shake your hips, wiggle your butt Drop your pants, pick 'em back up Weeda, weeda, weina, chaka, weeda, weeda, weina, chaka Weeda, weeda, weina, chaka, weeda, weeda.

Unknown, Tina - The Unnatural. You can't see it It's electric! Tina: Boogie woogie woogie You gotta feel it It's electric! Ooh, it's shakin' It's electric! Tina: Boogie woogie woogie????????????????????? She sure got the boogie Now you can't hold it It's electric! Tina: Boogie woogie woogie. Linda: What do we do?! The kids must be worried sick about us! Bob: We need to go straight across! Linda: Are you sure, Bobby? Bob: Yes, I'm sure! The right way is That might not have sounded like I'm sure, but I'm sure.

Linda: All right. You're the Nature Master. We're comin' for ya, kids! Tina: We're comin' for ya, Mom and Dad! The kids: screaming. Singers: Kids, we're coming for you Underwear, flying in the air We're coming for you, now we're falling We're snacking and tubing and laughing and splashing and craaaaaaaaawling. Bob: Oh, Linda! Oh my God I ate an ant! Oh my God I just ate another one! Bob: Lin, what are you doin'?

Linda: eating noises They're not bad. Honor, friendship, trust, integrity french braids, sunscreen, skits and jellybeans Rain, rain! Flash, flash! Tundergirls are vowed to sing this song of nature, friends and things. Thundergirls wear a thunder sash! Singers: When you hear that buzzing sound Sneaky Pete is coming 'round All the girls like to get freaky With a freak that's pretty sneaky. Louise: Woo! Tonight everybody gets hazed! Gene: My sisters are my brothers!

I'm gonna go pee out a window! Bob: Wait. Why is everybody holding vibrators? Gayle and Linda - Turkey in a Can. Gayle: A-ding, a-ding Linda: A-what's that sound? Gayle: It's the gravy boat Gayle and Linda: A-comin' around Gayle: It's not a navy boat Linda: It's the gravy boat Gayle and Linda: Filled with bravery, savory, sailor folk Gayle: Stuffing sailors, disembark Gayle and Linda: Fill our plates and fill our hearts Sailors in your mouth, sailors in your mouth That's what Thanksgiving is all about.

Chris Lane - I Don't Know About You (Official Music Video)

Emcee: Hello, alumni of Cardinal Gennaro High! I hope everyone's having a good time! And if you're not, I'd like to see you organize something on this budget! In this timeframe! It's been really hard! Linda: All right! We're about to go on! So, setlist! Linda: Yeah yeah yeah, if we have time. Everybody ready? Feel pumped? Do you feel pumped? Musician: I feel bloated. Linda: Good! Use it! Emcee: So yeah. Divorce is hard. But you know what? Ya get up in the morning and you— What? Recent developments to announce! We thought they couldn't come, but they're here!

Our very own Bad Hair Day!! Linda: Gah! Lead Singer: We're back where we started! It's like the talent show all over again, huh?! First place, took home the gold! Lead Guitarist: laughs. Lead Singer: Got a Ph. Got an Honorary Doctorate in never gettin' old! My day job is stayin' up all night! My hobby is bein' impolite! My memory is my guitar! My friends are all my seven cars! I've done home runs with all my aunts! I've never had a menstrual cramp! Lead Singer and Lead Guitarist: But, yeah, life's so great! We made lots of dough! We sleep all day! Lead Singer: Cuz we won the talent show!

Got a G. Lookin' at my horse and makin' it rain! My Bachelor's in breakin' stuff! My Associate's in talkin' tough!

UK number one today, October 08 12222

I've never had to change my pants! I've never moisturized my hands! I went on a mountain in Vermont! Thank you, little people! We're not gonna stay and mingle! Lead Guitarist : Good night! Lead Singer: Woo! Good luck, Taters! Linda: Ta Tas! Lead Singer: Right right right. Gayle and Linda - Purple Rain-union. Derek Dematopolis Your neck hair makes me weak. I've still got my Linda and Gayle: sexy parts!

Linda: Still I've got Linda and Gayle: two out of five! Linda: I've still got Linda and Gayle: two out of five! Linda: I've still got my sexy parts! Still I've got two out of five! Gayle: She's still got two out of five! Linda: You know it! Gayle: Or three cats! Gayle and Angie: Not bad for having three kids! Angie: Drum, pop, drum, pop Gayle and Angie: Not bad for having three kids! Hoo, ha, hoo, ha animal screeching Hoo, ha, hoo, ha Jingle in the jungle, hope you bringle me a bundle Tingle on my tingle Santa, bring my favorite thingles Some mittens for the monkeys but make sure they're pretty funky Some leggings for the lion, but remember he's size nine Frogs and gators and monkeys immense Everybody jingle to the jungle dance We have candles and lights and jingle.

My Birthday Hits

Ah Ooh! Wagstaff School students - The Frond Files. Frond : You come outta there right now! Gene: Oh, I'm not coming out! But this is! When you feel like school has sucked the wind out of your sails Remember that it's cool, to use the wind that's in your tails. Gene: Fart, fart, fart Fart, fart, fart, fart Every fart is a work of art Don't know where to begin?

Don't know where to start? Farts will set you free. All: It's that gas from your ass, it's that toot from your boot That hum from your bum, it's that loot in your chute All that air from your own derriere Come on and set it free 'Cause farts are liberty. Gene: What do we want to do? All: Fart, fart! Gene: Open up your butt cheeks All: This is how our butts speak. Gene: Let's go, All: Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaart! Linda: sobs Bob: Are you crying? Linda: It's so beautiful. His farts set them free. He's a hero, don't you get it? Unknown - Mazel-Tina.

She's Tammy, she's glammy, she's just a little hammy If she sang a song right now she'd probably win a Grammy You know who I'm talking of So why don't you all say mazel tov, Tammy, yeah. Bob: Hey, Tina, you must be enjoying having Chariot ba— Hey, what's going on? Tina: I'm packing up Chariot. Tina: Oh, I'm just getting a little old to play with dolls, you know.

Bob: Tina?

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  6. Tina: What? Bob: Play with the doll. Linda: Play with the doll, Tina! Come on! Do what Daddy says! Tina: Okay, I'll— Neigh. Bob: Make it jump! Tina: Um, well, D— She doesn't jump. You know how I know that? Tina: Uhh Bob: Keep playing with it! Tina: Okay, uhhh. Bob: Goodnight. A bond of friendship, greater than any force in the universe, A bond of friendship, greater than any force in the universe Mini and Peggy-sis, flying in clouds so high Headhorn and Chariot, come to my place tonight Equestranauts, we're brothers forever Equestranauts, we're bonded together Bonded together, Equestranauts Equestranauts.

    Bob: Your own private island, a million eye patches Calvin: No, I don't think so A gold swimming pool l to hold all of your cashes No, sorry, Bob I'd hire real waiters who all have mustaches No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no Oh, nice things are nice. Fanny: Soon you will see just how nice life can be When you start raking in condo people's money Linda Ooh, I love this dress, does it come In size three?

    Fanny Spoken : Uh-uh. Linda Spoken : Okay, six? Linda Spoken : Okay, ten? Fanny: Oh, nice things are nice. Tina: I'm chained to Mr. Goiter Gene and Louise La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la In hopes that they don't destroy her La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la Okay, it's not a her, but I really really wanted it to rhyme La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, laaaaa. Bob: A legion of servants, all at your command An army of tigers, like you always planned Calvin: I could buy my own missiles to launch at Englaa spoken: ahah, nevermind, I'm not telling.

    Bob: My sophisticated burgers they would understand. Bob and Calvin: Oh, nice things are nice. Waiter : You guys! There's no singing in here. Bob: Oh. Waiter: Thank you. Bob: Sorry. Fischoeder: Sorry. Bob: Terrible. Bob: Got carried away. Wonder Wharf, wharf of wonder This won't end Till Bob's six feet under He wanted things that were nice But will he pay the ultimate price? Wonder Wharf, Wonder Wharf. Fischoeder: Where's your family, Bob? Why aren't they looking for us?! Bob: I don't know! Maybe they didn't get our text!

    Fischoeder: Well, things are bad, Bob. Things are very bad. Der, but looks like Linda will be a widow Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh Oh, bad things are bad. Tammy: Oh, bad things are bad. Randy: Maybe your Dad was tied up by a sailor? Rudy: I'll help you look after I pump this inhaler Jimmy, Jr. Jimmy, Jr. Gene: Oh, bad things are bad. Teddy: Oh, I wish that Bob would come back I could really use a big snack Okay, it's not a burger but I'll just pretend it is and maybe cry.

    Felix: I did what I had to, I have no regrets I murdered my brother for power and sex What's this weird feeling inside of my chest? Fanny: Why do you keep not looking at my breasts? Felix: Oh, bad things are bad. Rudy: Why did you throw that corpse on my car? It's a competing musical! It's competing with this one right now! Audience member: Shh! Linda: whispering loudly Ah, you're jealous! Boy, that guy on the airplane was right about taking my shoes off! Takagi in the head. Tina: Hey, this is Katherine, you work for me I've broken my leg while trying to ski Do me a favor and fill in for me Even though I stole your radio deal idea For Trask Industries Courtney: You did what?!

    Gene: Fight scene, fight scene, we're gonna have a fight scene grunting Bob: Oh my God! Linda: Uh, excuse me. Uh, excuse me. I know, right? He's magnificent! Oh, it's warm in here! Hey, did Louise charge you five bucks? Linda: Alright! Courtney: I have a head for business and a bod for sin Jimmy, Jr. Well I want both, so count me in! Gene: Oh, the life of the wife of a cop Makes my head spin around like a top He's always inaudible under speech. Louise: Hey hey! Five bucks! Doug: What's going on?! Courtney: You're doing your Die Hard musical?!

    Gene: So I dunno if we can pull this off. I mean, we wrote and rehearsed it in under twenty minutes, but, if we do, it's because we did it together. All of us. Zeke: That's exactly what people say before they make a baby I think! Gene: Okay, well, without any further ado, we present to you the musical rom-com slash action thriller, Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl! Courtney: Oh, no! We're a bunch of secretaries from New York held hostage in Nakatomi Towers! Louise: Shush! I'm Karl, da one with beautiful hair! Gene: I'm Hans Gruber! Consider yourself grubed! Courtney: Tess McGill can't let a bunch of terrorists ruin her dream!

    Jocelyn: I hope the police come soon! Zeke: Ouch! Glass hurt John McClane's feet! Both: Two fancy-footed federal guys Regular Sized Rudy: I might just be a local cop, but will you guys back off me? Jocelyn: Things are getting pretty tense, does anybody want coffee? Courtney: You know, we're not so different, you and I. We're both ambitious, Hans! Gene: Tess McGill, you've stolen this Gruber's heart. Darryl : I cracked the cooooooooooooode! So here's the bearer bonds, which is the same as money I guess. Gene: Hey, let's make that radio deal! Hip hop? Courtney: Hip hop! Gene: Mmwah!

    Courtney: whispering That's not in the script! Gene: whispering Just go with it! They love it! Courtney: unknown sound Gene: whispering Is that two rows of teeth I'm feeling? Courtney: whispering My baby teeth never fell out. Tina: And Jack Trainer and I are a couple now as well, so that's good.

    Jimmy Jr. Hip hop!

    For those fun-loving and rap-loving folks, this track should absolutely be at the top of the playlist. Make sure the DJ has it and that you get to enjoy yourself to the max. Or any party, in fact. This birthday rap song combines the upbeat tune of classic rap with some awesomely fun lyrics. This is a song that would really get you partying on your own terms. The lyrics are all about doing things your way, which is the way it should be, especially when celebrating the day that you were born.

    All in all, this one is a definite download for all birthday song playlists! When it is our big day, we all get to do what we feel like. Since this mindset fits right in with the materialistic aspect of rap, it is not surprising that such a perception has crept into the songs and lyrics themselves. After all, a birthday is where one is at the center of attention and gets a lot of gifts.

    The rap genre is, hence, the best one to celebrate such an occasion. You can obviously do this by selecting some or all of the songs listed above and accessing YouTube to easily hear them. In addition to the tracks themselves, the music videos are also accessible on this platform. However, there is a much easier option than typing in the names of the best birthday songs and then searching through the results. Are you always troubled by unable to download music from YouTube or other video-sharing sites?

    As a music lover, you will want to have it on your desktop or other devices. Once you have this on your computer, you can download all the songs you need to play at the next birthday bash! To be specific, you can download music from YouTube and other video-sharing websites, such as Facebook, Dailymotion, etc. No hassle of loading every time, and no dependence on internet availability.

    For more rap songs to enliven the atmosphere of a birthday party, please click these top rap dance songs. Choose user-specified video quality for the download, up to 8K 3. Support playlist download or process 5 downloads concurrently 4. Offer turbo-speed download more that's 10X faster than normal. Looking for a Linux screen recorder? Here are some of the top Linux screen recorders which would take care of your screen recording needs in most instances. If you are looking for a video capture software to capture your screen on Windows to create tutorials, share tips, etc.