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You have a great imagination and a wonderful sense of humour. This is a fun-loving year. Enjoy increased popularity and warm friendships. This year, you will be more grateful for your life and will appreciate the happiness and beauty around you daily. You will make an important choice — choose wisely. You can comment on most stories on The Winnipeg Free Press website. You can also agree or disagree with other comments. All you need to do is be a Winnipeg Free Press print or digital subscriber to join the conversation and give your feedback.

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According to an agreed statement of facts about the attack, the left his home in the middle of the night — leaving two sleeping young children alone in their beds — and went to the woman's home, which he knew had no alarm coverage on the windows. He restrained her and repeatedly sexually and physically assaulted her over the course of several hours. She managed to secretly call while he was in another room. Just days before the attack, the man told a retired cop he was frustrated his ex-wife was going to sell their home. Police also uncovered evidence of planning, including a rape checklist the man had made with various items he needed to purchase.

You do not have permission to post comments. Please contact customersupport torstar. Register Login. Opinion PM. Federal Election Oct 08, Crime PM.

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Ontario PM. Wheels Oct 08, ArtsEntertainment PM. Music PM. ArtsEntertainment AM. Special skill I wish I could put on my resume: I can lick the inside of my nose. Theatre has the ability to spread, and connect everyone that comes in contact with it. My goal for this year is to grow and learn as much as I can, so I can help impact lives with theatre, like it did for me. I am in my fourth year studying theatre at the University of Manitoba and my second as a Theatre Projects Manitoba rep.

As well as working backstage as a Stage Manager and a Lighting designer. Falling in love with theatre and film as a means for self-expression, I enjoy acting, directing, and really anything that gets me involved in the art. This year I hope to build on what I learned as a rep last year and take on more responsibility, as well as try new and interesting ways to do theatre. But not only did I catch that acting bug, I caught a stage management bug, a production bug, a bug of all things creative so studying theatre just seemed like the right choice.

My name is Chris Sousa. I never really knew what I was going to do growing up but I knew I wanted to create, and theatre has always been a medium that made me feel fulfilled in that way. I have been doing theatre for as long as I can remember. This is my first year working with Theatre Projects Manitoba as a student rep, and I hope to soak in as much as I can, to take a step in the right direction when it comes to defining myself as an artist. I am in my fourth year at the University of Manitoba.

I enjoy acting most of all at university, but am interested in writing for the stage. Fun Facts: Alistair was fortunate enough to see a few plays in England in , one of them being Dr. This four-day, 18 hour, workshop will combine lectures, live demos and in-class excercises that will guide participants through the process of digital audiovisual design and show control from conception to delivery. The intensive is intended for students, technicians, designers, artists and educators with little to novice experience with mutlimedia design or digital tools.

Qlab will be the backbone of this intensive and we will learn it from the ground up, starting with the very basics and slowly moving through its many features. We will look at how build basic and complex audio and video cues, how to apply live effects, video mapping onto custom surfaces and non-conventional shapes, working with multiple projectors and show control using MIDI and OSC. We will look at proper audio workflow techniques and software tools for making your audio sound better in any environment. Although not mandatory, participants are encouraged to bring their own Mac OS laptop computers to follow along with the demonstrations.

We will be using Qlab extensively. Please have it installed and ready to use when you arrive. You will also have access to a projector so please bring a VGA adapter for your computer. Matthew Waddell is an audiovisual artist, multimedia programmer and educator. Matthew has been involved with digital arts for the last ten years and programs his own audiovisual performance software which has been used in Theatre, Dance, New Media, Music creation and recently Architectural Building Projection.

Matthew is an instructor and coach in the production department at the National Theatre School of Canada. This will allow us to send you documents, including our new bylaws to prepare for the meeting. An unforgettable sonic journey that has to be heard to be believed.

This long poem-turned-monologue awakens Crazy Bone Tracey Nepinak , a middle aged Woman living on the edge of the world, at the edge of time, wandering the mid-path of her life, on the outskirts of a small town. She skirts between dream, memory and imagination, listening to herself and to the river, Crazy Bone is a trickster, a fool, a wild woman laughing, a campesino who through loss is finding her way back to herself. In addition, Artistic Director Ardith Boxall and Associate Artistic Director Andraea Sartison hit the road with This Land Floods , a rural outreach project in the Interlake that includes interdisciplinary workshops, theatre education and collaboration between rural and urban artists.

Our exchange will continue throughout the coming season with the ultimate goal of creating a new play for Manitoban audiences in collaboration with the community that will debut in the coming years. We look forward to sharing our work in progress with you at a Chatuaqua style event featuring performance, ideas and art from the Interlake in Winnipeg next spring! Salons — yes, you can expect those too! Expect four cabaret evenings throughout the year. We look forward to raising a glass to science fiction, sound, poetry, dance and Manitoba history- in the spirit of our season- with you at these free community events.

Walk through an exhibition of scientific discoveries and displays inspired by truth, legends, and dreams about the citizens of our one great city. Interact with your generous hosts and museum curators as you venture into the bowels of Science Affairs — where the collections come to life. This FREE exhibition will be open from p. Beginning in September , the reps were engaged in devised theatre workshops to generate artistic content using the scientific process. Recently the ensemble spent time experimenting with how to unite all content created through installation and performance- resulting in the Carol Shields Festival exhibition.

Come celebrate with us on April 10th at p. It will be a casual evening of music, dancing, visiting and your chance to win a Theatre Projects Manitoba Re-Ward! Join us at this free event! We invite you to join us Feb 16thth at the Rachel Browne Theatre for the show.

The first salon of is taking place on January 30th at the Good Will! Happy Holidays one and all from all of us at Theatre Projects Manitoba. Our gift to you: a seasonal delight from the Boxall clan. High school educators! Book your students into one of our p.


Huff is a challenging show that provides a launching pad for further conversation on suicide, solvent abuse, and Canadian stories. Cozy up with us and get ready to ring in the new year. Friday, November 18th at p. Tuesday, November 22nd at p. All are welcome! Erin is a Montreal based playwright and actor.

Doors open at pm. Program begins at pm. Come for a glass of wine and some camaraderie , and whet your appetite for Beautiful Man running November at the Rachel Browne Theatre. This event is free of charge. Call us at for details or to join the waiting list. Join us to experience unflinching stories that are artistically stunning and NOW.

The season will be sprinkled with salons as well. This year, the University representatives from both University of Winnipeg and University of Manitoba come together to create a new production, through a highly scientific, laboratory-inspired creative process. Click here to start shopping or call It was a three-year journey to bringing Reservations to the stage and along with our gratitude for such a passionate artistic team, we have many people to thank for this amazing experience. We send a special shout-out to our high school audiences and those fantastic students who experienced Reservations with attentiveness and consideration — you blew us away!

And finally, the biggest thank you goes to YOU, our dear audience! Your consistent hunger for exciting and intelligent theatre is the proverbial wind beneath our wings. Our endless gratitude goes out to you! We are so pleased to welcome the very talented and accomplished Emma Tibaldo. She co-directs Reservations alongside Winnipeg-based artist and educator, Ian Ross. What draws you to new scripts? Ideas on what it means to be human, including our ability to be inhuman. An ability to see the world differently. That is what attracts me to new work. The fact that we are creating two plays.

Inhabiting two separate worlds with the same actors playing different characters in each play. Finding the ways in which the plays speak to each other and exploring prevailing attitudes towards First Nation issues of Land claims and Child and Family Services without underplaying the bonds of family, love and our human need for making connections. Created using Viewpoints over a two year process.

Rumour has it you are part of a family band, The Tibaldos. What kind of music do you perform? So, the family band is made up of my husband and two friends. We have been playing in our basement and playing shows locally for about 10 years. We call it lounge punk but it really is punk.

We are all lovers of noise. And we are happiest when we get together to make that noise. His accomplishments are numerous. Of Cree descent, Balfour has written a body of more than 40 choral, instrumental and orchestral works. Andrew took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to answer some question for us about his life, work and inspiration. What are some main inspirations for your work? Preparations for Reservations are in full swing now that the creative team has entered the rehearsal hall.

The show runs March 10 to 20th at the Rachel Browne Theatre. Tickets are available right here or look in the sidebar to your left!

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An outstanding team of Canadian artists will bring Reservations to the stage, starting with playwright and actor, Steven Ratzlaff. We have worked with him as the play has been workshopped and developed over the past three years with generous support from Playwrights Workshop Montreal and the Manitoba Association of Playwrights joyous thanks to those organizations!

Emma has a deep understanding of new play development and production. Ian Ross co-directs, bringing his own extensive background as a Manitoban First Nations theatre artist. We are excited to introduce our audiences to Andrew Balfour , a highly accomplished Manitoba Cree composer, and the founder and Artistic Director of experimental vocal ensemble Camerata Nova. Andrew is creating the original music and sound design! If it is not already apparent, Ratlaff has a talent for writing politically-minded plays!

When it does, I might start writing a scene. If I start to hear the characters talking in my head I know that there might be a play. Situations that interest me are ones where well-meaning people are in conflict with each other or even themselves. This conflict might be about different priorities, different beliefs, none of which are bad. Canadians value all kinds of ideals and things differently. The resulting tensions are felt even within individuals. Take one question that is asked in several different ways in both plays: What is owed to whom? The answers are not obvious.

The format pairs actors and improvisers in two-person scenes. The actor is given only their lines from the scene, and must stick to the script; the improviser is given nothing! Join us at 7pm at the Times Changed. Doors open at 6pm, so come early for warmth, drinks and delicious tex-mex treats. Admission is free for Season Passholders and by donation for civilians. We heart our intrepid Encounters performers in a serious way. We picked their brains this weekend about their artistic experiences, social media and insects.

Here is what they told us. TPM: How old were you when you started performing? I think the first words out of my mouth may have been an impression of someone else. TPM: Your first time on stage? TPM: First piece you ever wrote? FW: Myself. To me, art is inherently collaborative. TPM: Do you prefer collaborating or working alone?

SH: Bees. Because they actually do shit. All other bugs are buggers. FW: Spiders. Most animals people are terrified of fascinate me to no end. They build their houses out of their butts! The Future — your least favourite form of social media?

Today's Horoscope

But I can tell you what I dislike about it. It makes us all closer, but it also tears us further apart at the same time. FW: All of them. There was a time when everyone smoked cigarettes. Without a thought as to what it was doing to our health, both personally and as a culture. How did we get anything done?! How could we have possibly gone all that time without eye contact or actual conversation using our mouths and ears?! So weird!! Sydney, Elsa and Fraz would like to talk, laugh and share ideas with our patrons. There will be painting, dancing, cocktails and time travel. There will be a sharing of space, ideas and energy.

We will meet each other. Saturday January 9 th. Sunday January 10 th licensed. Tuesday January Friday January 15 licensed. Sunday January 17 th. They are rule breakers who are not afraid to strip their show down. No sets, no bells or whistles. As a result, pure performance, adrenalin, passion and more personality than should be legal.

What better way to encounter a cold January night than to meet two young artists who burn with the heat of a thousand suns. TPM : Is there anything in common between these two shows? Are they related thematically? AB : There is adventure. And misadventure. These are stories about how we move forward even when the path seems like a nasty and ill-fated mission. Sometimes getting up in the morning, and sometimes saving the universe. It can take the same intrepid spirit to move about in our world.

These plays have big beating hearts. But ultimately, there is love in them. And so much laughter. Date: Monday November 3oth. And more!!!!! Check out their website and menu here! This week we are shining the spotlight on Heather Russell , playing Anna in Iceland. In the grotesqueness of the bouffon is a truth about humanity. HR : I was originally going to be a teacher. I was at Brandon University in my 3rd year of a B. It made me want to pursue theatre as a career. TPM: Iceland is a trio of intersecting monologues. The audience becomes our acting partner, so we never know what to expect!

This week we are shining the spotlight on Laura Olafson , playing Kassandra in Iceland. Laura chatted with us about her time in the country Iceland and why she considers herself a drama queen. You travelled to Iceland in What was that experience like? What made you want to visit the country?

Can you tell us more about your experience with Cahoots and The Wanderers? Cahoots is a small company whose mandate is to produce new works that examine the complexities of cultural and sexual diversity. Kawa was also very collaborative as a playwright, and was open to making changes right up until opening night. Sometimes the actors would walk into rehearsal and have a page of new lines thrust at them, or have a page of lines cut, so keeping up with the script changes was challenging.

Brandon Sun - Breaking News, Sports, Manitoba, Canada

But in doing research for the show it was fascinating and disgusting to see how the lives of so many were affected by the greed and power of so few. One of many galling facts is that after the US banks were bailed out by their government, many of the bank heads and higher ups gave themselves big fat raises. When I was setting up my grade 11 timetable my best friend decided he was going to take a theatre course, so, being a follower, I signed up too, just because I thought it would be fun. Little did I know it would be life changing. Iceland is a trio of intersecting monologues.

Sometimes we can see another actor in our peripheral vision but we never get a good look at their face. Meet Linda Beech and Joseph Abetria! As we approach opening night of Iceland November 5! Linda , our set designer, is an artist celebrated for her large scale sculpture and installations. The piece was also shown at the University Of Western Washington in What does the city make us?

Like the majority of people I have spent most of my life in an urban environment. The crows, raccoons and coyotes that inhabit the city are signposts, marking an uneasy border between civilization and what lies beyond. My work explores this juncture and raises questions about co-habitation, ownership and territory. Joseph is designing costumes for Iceland. Any big dreams or goals on the horizon now that you are finished school? Joseph: One of my goals after I finish school is going back to school. I believe that there is always something new to learn and refining my craft is something important to me.

One of my big dreams is to design for dance; maybe a new ballet or contemporary piece. Costume designing for dance pose different challenges to the designer and it has always been fascinating to watch the movement of a dancer breathe new life to a piece of costume. Joseph: Theatre was something that I fell into in university. I never took drama in high school. In fact, I took all the science classes thinking that I might do something with that in university. But the call to do something creative, visual, and artistic was just too strong.

I took the Intro Theatre Design class along with a production class in my second year and the rest was history. Those early days of sketching and painting were the first sparks of my interest in the visual arts. New to TPM? Welcome to our monthly cabaret night, the TPM Salon! These events are popular with artists and audiences alike. Every month, emerging and established artists come together with audiences in a cabaret setting to explore the playwrights and themes of our season.

Music, song, dance and theatre! Established in , this innovative, cross-Canada theatre institution was created to prove that Canadian political theatre is viable. Invited playwrights are instructed to create a minute piece based on current political headlines, and that it must only be rehearsed the week prior to performance. Occurring simultaneously in venues across the country, the current edition of Wrecking Ball will explore the upcoming federal election.

The Talentless Lumps will also make a grotesque and delightful appearance. Fraz vs. Reservations explores the often contentious relations in Canada between Indigenous peoples and the rest through our common children, land and the quest for acts of restitution. Iceland is part of the trilogy Fault Lines which was awarded the Governor General award for drama in Set against the backdrop of the banking crisis, a confrontation between a real estate agent and a tenant takes an unexpected turn.

A snapshot in time of the effects of capitalism; how we all benefit from it, how we are all part of the system, and how we can all be greatly hurt by its effects. Iceland uses wit and dark humour to tackle the consequences of greed and our yearning to belong to something larger than ourselves. Billon is an original and exciting voice. Fraz vs The Future is a show about time travel, technology, fear of change and social media.

Village Ax — Standing tall is a bedroom wall. Inside exists a Village of inhabitants struggling for their lives. Inside them is a small, vulnerable creature. Peachy Keen debuted on the Fringe scene in with the delightful hit Bizarro Obscure. The company crafts each show around messages of human vulnerability and love. Village Ax is dedicated to those who lock themselves in.

His play Dionysus in Stony Mountain dealt with criminal justice. Last Man in Puntarenas was about health care. Reservations inserts us into two stories; a dispute between foster parents and the Aboriginal CFS agency responsible for their children and the philosophical and spiritual decision of a Mennonite farmer who gifts his land to the Siksika First Nation. Artful, entertaining and provocative, Reservations asks tough questions about our home and native land. Our vision of theatre is intimate, provocative, and artistically driven: shaped by a strong belief that playwrights and plays are the heart of Canadian theatre.

Our goal is to build a cultural narrative that speaks to our community and reflects our shared experiences.

Committed to the cultivation of Canadian Theatre, in the past 25 years TPM has staged more than 50 new Manitoban works. Arne plays Frank and Justin plays his son, Joe. Doing theatre puts you in the moment with the other people in the room like no other experience I have had. I have been involved in one other devised piece, which I co created with dancers,theatre artists and visual artists from Canada and Iceland.

We showed it in Reykjavik and Winnipeg. It was super fun and really challenging. Working on I Dream of Diesel has been a utopia of creativity, collaboration, good vibes and games of Foursquare. I first got involved with theatre in high school. I was lucky enough to go to a school with a great theatre program that allowed me to be in productions of The Odd Couple and Twelve Angry Men.

Being a theatre artist allows me to Play for a living…what can I ask for beyond that really. I had devised a few small pieces with classmates in university but nothing to the scale of a full production such as Diesel. My impressions of devising this project has been the sheer magnitude of all the little pieces we have to create this story.

Working on I Dream of Diesel I am struck by the sheer array of talents of my crew and fellow cast mates. Everyone either brings to the table a craftiness, another directorial eye, a script change here or there or a mean back hand in a game of Foursquare. This project asks a lot of everyone involved, in terms of being multidisciplinary, and those challenges have been met full on.

As far as exciting upcoming projects I have two! When not creating theatre I can be found behind the grill at Nuburger, the best burgers in Winnipeg, Sherbrook. The funny — perhaps even sad — thing is, even as a kid I wanted to be an actor when I grew up. My family, still living in rural Manitoba, share a lot of similarities with the family in Diesel. With that in mind they are also a loving bunch of folks who motivate me to dream — much like my character Joe, the dreamer of the play.

The curtain rises tonight on I Dream of Diesel! She is a force to be reckoned with. Click here to read the article. Tickets are sold out for opening, but there are seats available for all other nights of the run. Buy on this website or call us at How did you first get involved in theatre? We asked local theatre artist and educator extraodinaire, Pauline Broderick, to have a chat with I Dream of Diesel director and co-creator, Andraea Sartison pictured left. Pauline is a veteran drama educator who is delighted to get to ask questions of a new generation of experimental theatre artists.

Winnipeg free press horoscope may 11

She is part of the design team working on the development of the new provincial arts curriculum. Currently she is privileged to be teaching a class at the University of Manitoba called Arts Infusion in the Digital Age where students collaboratively create performance. AS : I was really interested in collaborating with a musician. That is a lot of what One Trunk does. We try to make theatre with artists from other disciplines. We sought out a musician who would be a collaborator. That is more difficult than you would think. It was an unplanned match made in heaven.

AS : Yes. In my own life and my own practise I have always done choir and music and painting and theatre. I think the draw to theatre was that I could combine all of those various interests into a living, story based art form. It feels like a very natural thing to do.

A Fresh Forecast Taking You From November 2018 to December 12222!

It was the feeling of the music that inspired us. His music is very poetic. We pulled characters and themes from the music and developed their stories. Even now, after the show has taken on its own life, you can find the connections to his music. PB: Tell me about the beginning steps on the journey from YES to the refinements of a staged production. We did a whole bunch of workshops. Our first workshop was an image based exploration.

We listened to the music then went looking for artifacts that might fit the story. We built scenes with these objects. We identified characters and created sequences using the objects that illustrated the characters hopes and dreams. We performed them for each other and talked about what they made us think and feel.

AS : After that, we worked on physical based explorations of character and stories. We were mostly developing images and characters at that time. The Carol Shields Festival gave us a deadline to work toward. We had to tie a lot of loose ends together to perform. She was a really important part of the writing process. She started pushing us in the direction of a story that has A-Z. Our first attempt at A-Z was very visual. It had maybe 35 words. It was very physical. We had a full set and projections and music so it was very sensual and very evocative. From that Theatre Projects Manitoba invited us to be part of their season so this whole last year has been focused on the written script.

The intention was to have a full script to work with. We did some good writing. It took the full year. It finally feels like we have a script. I know there is not one single scene that has not been altered by someone else. PB : How has that sense of collective creation played out in this phase of production? AS : Over the last few months we have started to take on more focused roles. Claire did the last draft and edits. We made a collective choice to make the set pieces very simple and nostalgic.

When they are projected upon, another layer of experience is illuminated. Technology is successful when it is fully integrated into the story. It has to be fully integrated. AS: A lot of this piece for me has to do with where the dream intersects with reality. This play is a conversation between what is real and what is not.

Dream and Reality is a big thing. There is also a bit of a haunting in the show; not as in a ghost story but more about a haunting of prairie lore and ancestry; an awareness of the soul of the prairie. The opening invitation to the audience is about sharing a coffee with them. I think the story really speaks to women our age. It about having a dream or an ideal of what your life is going to be and then arriving at the moment when you realize what your life is and being OK with that. Never before heard by a live audience….. You will hear them first! These short plays require nimble performances and live Foley effects to create the world of Winnipeg at the turn of the century.

You will learn about your City, you will be entertained, you will bear witness! Winnipeg like you have never heard it before. What in tarnation are we doing? Come and find out. TPM pass holders get in free OR admission by donation at the door. Acclaimed Winnipegger, Scott Nolan , is a musical force to be reckoned with. Nolan himself. Every second and fourth Thursday of the month, Scott will host an evening of eclectic and ever changing folk music from home and beyond. Next show is February Click here for more info on Folk Fest Thursdays, and here for more info on Scott.

Come celebrate and the power of the solo playwright! Having closed the fascinating and powerful White Rabbit Red Rabbit , many of the artists and audience members feel compelled to continue discussing this bold theatrical experiment.